What we do

Klang! help to tell the stories of companies and people by creating valuable and creative content.. Out team combine competencies related to strategic thinking and effective use of digital tools. With us you will always reach your target audience with your message and grow your business.

communications and pr


strategic consulting

We prepare tailor-made communication strategies that work, and advise our clients on how to effectively achieve their goals.


investor relations and financial communications

We take care of efficient communication with stakeholders. Our team build trust among investors and business partners through efficient and well-considered communication.


media workshops and training

Our experts will help you understand the media world, the rules that govern it and the prevailing formats. We prepare you for public and media appearances and for effective communication in social media.


media relations and press office

We help to build positive relations with the media and opinion leaders. Klang! run press offices for our clients serving as intermediaries with the media world.


building the reputation of leaders

Our team of experts deal with comprehensive building and positioning of leaders and experts. We select the tools through which they effectively present their knowledge, experience and visions to the world.


csr & brand impact

Because every organization impacts the world around us with its activities, we help create strategies and programs to ensure that this impact is consistent with brand goals.


seo pr

With us, your brand will always be visible and its communication will not be lost in the crowd. We will help you position and position your story in the digital world.

marketing activities


branding creation

We showcase the unique features of products, brands and services through words and images. Klang! create stories that reach people.


content creation

Klang! build content that reinforces the message and perfectly fulfills the intended communication goals. We convey your story through text, graphics, audio and video.



We showcase our clients’ products and services online. Our agency deal with the creation of pages that perfectly present their qualities.


social media communication

Klang! provide comprehensive support for social media communication – from strategy, to content creation, to publication and evaluation of activities.


seo / sem

With us, you will not disappear on the Internet. Not only do we create content that performs well in digital communication, but we also take care of its excellent positioning.


conferences & events

We organise industry conferences, congresses and informal business discussions. We are the organisers of, among others: Fintech Summit Poland, Fintech Brunch, Fintech & Ecommerce Linking Days.