The state of the fintech industry in Poland and its future


80 per cent of Poles use fintech solutions in their daily lives. Most of us are aware of the risks associated with new technologies, and generation Z is not at all different from older generations in this respect. These are the conclusions of a report prepared by Kozminski University and the portal, which had its premiere on 21 September this year.

The report State of #Tech in Poland 2023 consists of two parts. The first is a study by ALK professor Aneta Hryckiewicz, Ph.D., which addresses Poles’ attitudes to fintech solutions and the perception of the industry by the Z generation. In addition, the Report is enriched with a collection of analyses prepared by experts. The comments concern, among other things, new technologies in the world of finance, in the banking sector, e-commerce, insurance, and legal issues and blockchain solutions.

– Polish society is characterised by a relatively high awareness of financial technology, as well as the degree of its use. While more than 80% of Poles already use financial technologies to manage their finances, the global average is less than 50% of the population – comments the results of the survey by Prof. ALK Dr Aneta Hryckiewicz.

According to the survey, almost half of the respondents use financial technologies on a daily basis, and some of them even use them several times a day. However, in contrast to Western countries, financial technologies are mostly concentrated in the area of payments in Poland. There is greater diversity in other countries. The relatively high education of the Polish public in the area of digitalisation is evidenced by the fact that they are aware of the risks and are afraid not only of losing their funds in their accounts, but above all of data leakage and lack of anonymity.

– It is a common belief that younger generations adopt technological solutions much faster than mature consumers. However, as more and more data shows, in the area of financial services themselves, people, regardless of age, behave quite similarly – generation Z thinks and acts similarly in finances as their older colleagues and parents – said Rafał Tomaszewski, editor-in-chief of

The published results of the survey did not see major differences in the frequency of use of fint solutions between generation Z and older generations. They are used several times a week by 33 per cent. “Zetas” and 41 per cent of representatives of other age groups. Twenty-three per cent and 27 per cent of respondents do so once a day, while 25 per cent and 18 per cent of respondents do so several times a day. Both surveyed groups appreciate – to a very similar degree – the possibility of using fintech solutions anywhere and anytime and their universality.


Partnerem głównym raportu „Stan #Tech w Polsce 2023” jest PwC Legal. Partnerami publikacji zostali również GFT Poland, KDKH, Loando, Raiffeisen Digital Bank oraz VSoft. Partnerstwo honorowe objęły takie instytucje jak Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego, Fundacja Polska Bezgotówkowa, Urząd Miasta Łodzi, FinTech Poland, Związek Przedsiębiorstw Finansowych w Polsce oraz Cobin Angels.

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